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What's The Difference Between Blinds & Shades?

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There are many differences between blinds and shades, although both products are great for maintaining not only the natural light levels in your home but also your privacy. If you are searching for the premier window covering experience for your Portland area home, let the pros at Blinds by Design be the window blind company you can rely on to keep your home in the shade year-round.

While there are many differences between blinds and shades, the first thing to focus on is the similarities. Both options provide an affordable way to enhance the natural lighting in your home as well as make sure you have privacy. Both options allow you to match the decor of your home to the selections we offer at Blinds By Design allowing for complete customization.

Blinds: A More Durable Option

The first major difference between blinds and shades is that blinds are more of a "hard" style of window covering. Often these products are made of wood or faux wood and provide a style of shade from slats. These slats can be opened or closed, and the blinds raised and lowered, making this option to be a great choice for both their durability and their ease of use.

Blinds come in both corded and cordless options, allowing individuals to further customize their orders. The cordless options are a safer option if you have pets or small children as it removes the risk of strangulation or other injuries from dangling cords.

Shades: A Sleek Window Covering

Shades, on the other hand, are more of a minimalistic approach to window coverings. They are usually a piece of fabric or synthetic material that can be contained in either a roll and pulled down, or in the case of Roman shades, can be stacked up at the top of your window. These window treatment solutions stay neatly out of the way while still capitalizing on the unique decor of your home by offering many different options.

Both products are fine options, and both allow you to adjust the level of natural light in your home as well as maintain privacy. All these options can be combined with motorization or home automation options that will allow Portland area homeowners to have even more control over their new window treatments. When you're ready to make a decision on what kind of window covering you want on your home, or you want some input from a professional, be sure to call Blinds by Design. We're a team of industry professionals who have the experience and knowledge to guide you through choosing the right window covering, whether it's blinds or shades, for your Portland home.

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