Faux Wood Blinds

Vinyl (PVC) Vertical Blinds are available in a wide range of patterns and colors. Vinyl verticals are easy to clean.  Available in plains, patterns and S-Curve They are opaque and are ideal for patio doors.

Norman® technology
  • Hardened for toughness: slats resist denting and scratching for the long haul

  • Patented SmartPrivacy™: award-winning routeless feature offers minimal light leakage, smoother operation and tighter closure.

  • Patented Insta-Lock™: Locks the blind at any position and at any angle, effortlessly without frustrating tugging – even on corner windows.

Performance™ Faux
  • Resists fading and yellowing

  • Genuine Norman® reengineered components that make tilting and raising/lowering a breeze

  • Patented cord release device for child and pet safety

  • All materials are lead free, V.O.C. free and without any harmful chemical