Shade Filtering

$70.00 $65.00

  • Ideal for large windows, these blinds can provide seamless fabric coverage for windows up to 144” wide (corded) and 120” wide ( cordless ).
  • Sheer efficiency fabrics allow sunlight in to heat the room, but block cold outside air, making it a great choice for colder climates.
  • Continuous cord loop is a great option for heavier fabrics and large windows.

Product Description

Get more for your dollar with Levolor’s best-selling Accordia Light-Filtering Cellular Shades. With double or single cell fabrics to help block unwanted light and cold air, it is a great fit for any home. And add a bit of your own design flair with a wide selection of fabric sizes, colors and textures. Designer colors offer an even wider selection of fabric choices. Or upgrade to designer colors for even more options. Choose between double or single cell sizes. Larger cells trap more air, which give you better temperature insulation and produce a smoother look in wider windows and doors. Also available in designer textures and colors.


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