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Portland Draperies: Custom Drapery Options For Your Home Or Business


Serving the Portland area, Blinds By Design offers you expert custom draperies to fit any window in your home or business space. We bring our showroom of draperies samples to your home with a free professional design consultation, expert measurements, and professional installations. Custom ordering is no problem with us! Regardless of your window's size or shape, you'll have plenty of options in gorgeous fabrics that will look stunning in your Portland home or business. We bring you the highest quality materials and the most fashionable advice and design assistance around.

We take great pride in our reputation as the best window blind company for Portland to listen to the wants and needs of each and every client-- this is how we achieve the right look at the end of the project. This also means that we listen to the factors that can impact your decision-making the most: budget and lifestyle. Let us show you in person what makes us different than the competition and how our services can truly benefit you.

Custom Drapery Options

By making the smart choice to work with Blinds By Design for your custom draperies, you will enjoy the advantages of working with experienced experts who are there to offer the best in creativity and style. The task of choosing the right window coverings can be a team effort and we want to be there to assist you in making the best decisions possible. Our expertise just happens to be creating an attractive but still affordable look for all of your windows, whether you want a uniform look or want to create a unique and individual look for every room in your space.

The right draperies can add to the overall design element of your rooms; they can either be focal points or subtle backdrops. In fact, just the right choice can even act as vibrant works of art that can completely enhance the overall look of your room. Just don't make the mistake of choosing the wrong team to work with in order to get the right window treatments-- Blinds By Design is more than just a window blind company, we are skilled interior design experts! And don't forget to ask about any of our other services like awnings.

Learn More About Draperies

When it comes to choosing the right draperies and even the rods that come along with them, there are some keywords you should know. Some commonly used terms that you may hear when working to find your perfect draperies include:

  • Drapery arms - Shorter than standard rods, a drapery arm flanks a window, as opposed to spanning all of it. This is the ideal option for sections of curtains meant to be used more for accents than full coverage.
  • Finial - The decorative pieces you see at the end of a drapery rod are finials. They are cosmetic only and do not offer functionality.
  • Center support - For long rods and/or heavy curtain materials, center support helps prevent drooping and breakage with your curtain rod. This piece helps prevent the damage that would otherwise be caused by gravity.
  • Traversing rod - This optional piece is used in most instances when you are using a full wall of draperies. This can better hold the weight, as well as makes it easier to use by opening and closing the curtains with a string control at the end.
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