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Motorization & Automated Window Treatments For Portland Smart Homes

Shades motor

Control the shade and natural lighting in your Portland home or business with just a switch or from your smartphone with the motorization options from Blinds By Design. With motorized window treatments installed in your space, you'll be able to create comfort in every room like never before. Motorized window treatments are a revolution in both comfort and design. Letting you open the blinds or shades from virtually anywhere you are, motorization creates a level of comfort previously unheard of. No longer will you need to get up from the comfort of your bed or couch to adjust the blinds. With a simple button press or app access, your motorized window treatments can go up or down, or open or close from wherever you are.

As the number one window blind company for Portland, Blinds By Design offers many different styles and options to choose from, enabling your motorized window treatments to be completely customizable. Whether you're looking for blinds, window shades, or shutters, let us help you find the custom motorization that meets your space's unique style as well as your budget.

Automated Window Treatments

Motorized blinds are the ultimate convenience for easily controlling your environment, and the experts at Blinds By Design are always happy to guide you through our world of window blinds and discuss the many advantages and options of motorization.

We are a window blinds company that is committed to staying informed on the latest styles, fashions, and technological developments in the ever-expanding offerings available for Portland window treatment needs. Shading the daylight sun can lead to lower utility bills and establish a sense of style in your home unique to you and your living needs. Motorization is a special blending of science and art every home or business owner should take advantage of. They are especially useful and distinctive in commercial settings and office buildings, but once you've experienced the joy of motorized blinds in your own home, you'll never go back to old-school cords and pulls.

Benefits Of Motorization

Having motorized window treatments comes with a variety of benefits that you simply can't afford to miss out on. A few of them include:

  • Convenient and easy to operate - The range of motorization options we offer makes controlling your window shades, blinds, or shutters easy. Control options include remotes and even apps on your smartphone.
  • Sleek and quiet operation - Motorized window treatments offer a clean-lined, modern look with no dangling cords or tilt bars to distract from your interior design.
  • Flexible control options - You can easily lower your motorized window treatments completely or program them to stop at any position to give the room the perfect amount of natural light.
  • Offers child-safe features - Motorization eliminates the need for dangling cords, offering a safer environment for children and pets.
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