Wood Blinds

For whatever your inspiration, Normandy® Hardwood Blinds give you a customized solution, allowing you to exercise your sophistication in a rainbow of paints, stains, valance styles, and designer tapes. Go bold with a Contemporary valance and zebra patterned tape, or opt for understated refinement with a dark wood stain. Norman® gives you more freedom than the rest.


Unlike traditional privacy blinds, SmartPrivacy™ blinds are the only functional blinds on the market today.  SmartPrivacy™ combines superior light blockage with privacy. Tight slat closure in both directions with a smooth tilt mechanism. Patented child safe cord release device for enhanced safety. 3¼” Designer Crown Valance adds to an overall sleek and elegant look.

Phoenix Wood®

The magic and wonder of Phoenix Wood®.

Your environmentally conscious and distinctively grain wood for Normandy® Shutters, can now be found in our premium Normandy®Hardwood Blinds. Selected for its distinctive grain, resilience and sustainable characteristics.